Welcome to Funky Town

I am in a funk. F-U-N-K. I’m not sure if it is the post-vacation blues, that I haven’t exercised in a week, or the overall stressful and uncertain environment I am in right now, but there’s no denying it – I’m feeling funky.

Some of you may be wondering if I’m worried about WW weigh in tomorrow since I recently returned from the gluttony that is the all inclusive resort. I have to say that when I jumped on the scale on Monday I was pretty freaked out – it was showing me at +3 pounds. However, as I have drowned myself in water, fruit and vegetables this week, it has returned to my pre-Mexico weight, which made me giddy. Now it’s time to focus and move forward on the Cinco de Mayo goal of dropping 4.4 lbs.

Here’s some interesting weight loss goodies:

WeightView – This was over on Roni’s Weigh and I had to check it out. This company will take a picture that you submit, photoshop it up and voila you have a photo of the you you’ve always wanted to be. I haven’t tried this one yet, but if I do I will be certain to share my before and after photos with you.

My Virtual Model – I stumbled across this in December when I was Christmas shopping.

Here’s my virtual model breakdown. Excuse the skivvies, but this is the default and adding clothes didn’t seem conducive to what I am trying to show.  I split it into my major goals.

Present Weight Wedding Dress Shopping Goal
Here’s the present sitch. This is the Wedding Dress Shopping Goal – about 14 lbs. away
Realistic Goal Dream Goal
I’m calling this the Realistic Goal. I’ve been this weight in my adult life so that makes me think it is attainable again. This is about 24 lbs. away. Anything under this goal is a bonus in my book. This is the pre-thyroid, dream goal weight. It is about 44 lbs. away. I last weighed this around my junior or senior year of high school before my body started attacking itself.

If you’re visual like me than this is a great tool for motivation. It helps me to really see what I will look like since my memory can’t get there. I will definitely keep you  updated after tomorrow’s weigh in and meeting. Wish me luck!

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