Weekend Wrap-Up

Ahhhh- Monday at work. Super fun as always. On the upside the Fun Committee (of which I am a member) has planned a Pannini bar for lunch today. Yes, we have a Fun Committee and yes, it is much like an episode of The Office. Don’t judge.

Here’s a synopsis of my excellent weekend:

turkeyThe fiance went turkey hunting on Saturday, leaving me with oodles of free time. This doesn’t happen often and the highlights of the day included: walking the d-o-g, watching three episodes of Law & Order (possibly more – it was a marathon on TNT), making a visit to Target, a stop at my favorite stationery store and boutique, Paper Moon, and getting an hour and a half hot stone massage.

On Sunday we went to church (great homily with a paradox theme, the greatest paradox being “In death there is life.”), then I met with Matt at Paper Moon – decided it was best to show him in person the ideas I was having, and the fiance and I finished the day by going to see I Love You Man.

A pretty spectacular weekend if I do say so myself. Deats below…

Paper Moon
Lets talk about Paper Moon first, shall we? I love this store. It is full of fantasticness. Maybe it is a little early to be thinking invites, but I think I’ve mentioned my stationery addiction before. I can’t help it. I love beautiful paper. Plus my friend Matt is custom designing our invites – a girl doesn’t get this opportunity everyday.

So I stopped by Paper Moon to take a look at their pocket envelopes – like these, these, and these. I wanted to grab an example of the envelope to show Matt at our Sunday meeting, but instead ended up sitting there for two hours with the fabulous Sarah, one of the Paper Moon gals. They have so many sample invitations and sample papers that I was instantly swept up into invitation heaven.

Hot Stone Massage

I had my first hot stone massage on Saturday at Massage Envy. I’m lucky because my insurance covers massage so I take advantage of a Massage Envy membership, entitling me to a massage every month. This massage was no disappointment and the therapist, Judy, was great – very strong. She could probably make you cry if she wanted to. As much as I loved the massage I couldn’t get my mind to turn off. I hate that! Here are a list of thoughts that actually went through my head while I was being rubbed down with hot cobalt stones:

  • Maybe they should get some bagpipe music in here
  • Oreo cookies sound really good right now
  • I wonder what Travis is doing
  • Wedding
  • I wish we could just hurry up and get to my back already
  • Shoes
  • I want to go to the movies this weekend

Paper Moon Take Two
I decided that it would be easier to bring Matt to Paper Moon and show him what I had in mind for envelopes and design. Two more hours spent there and Matt had a pile of notes and I’m pretty sure couldn’t wait to escape wedding invitation maddness. J/K – Matt was a great sport and listened to all of my crazy ideas. I started compiling a list of every printing/paper need I thought we would have for the wedding. Well, let me tell you – the list has gotten a little extensive. Travis took a peek at it and said, “I didn’t know we were going to do all of this stuff.” Ooops…

I Love You Man
Awesome movie! Very funny. I love that it focused on a bromance. Sometimes I think we forget that it can be hard to make friends, regardless of your sex. A big shout out to my Aussie mate Liz – this movie reminded me of when I moved to Australia and had a hard time meeting people to hang out with. Liz really took me under her wing and made me feel at home.

Wow – ok so this post got a little out of hand. I may be a little ADD today. Anyhoo, wedding stuff to do this week includes going over the guest list again and continuing to compile my likes/dislikes file for the wedding planner.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Annie says:

    I heart Paul Rudd.

  3. jdurnan says:

    Oh – me too! Even as far back as his “Clueless” days. He is so cute in this movie.

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