Down 1.4! WW Weigh In

Friday Weight Watchers Update – lost 1.4 lbs.!

Total Weight Loss – 4.0
Pounds ’til next goal – 4.6

Eat your greens!

Eat your greens!

So I’m really happy about the loss this week. I feel like the new thyroid meds are really making a difference. Already, I have more energy, am sleeping better and feel really good. I haven’t needed a nap in over a week. What a difference a few more hormones can make!

WW meeting was good today. The topic was about eating out and how to choose wisely. Eating out can be tough for me. You know the feeling where you look at a menu and you know that you should have the soup and salad, but what you really want is the pizza (insert whatever food you can’t resist here). Then you order the soup and salad to be “good” and you end up thinking about the pizza the whole time you are trying to enjoy the healthier choice. Uggghhh – I really hate that! Am I the only one that feels that way sometimes? Help a sister out – tell me I’m not alone!

The leader’s challenge to us for the week was to eat more salads. I think I’m up to the task. Lunch today – check! One salad, more to come.

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