St. Croix Villa – Sugar Bay House

We got a villa! We got a villa!

Pool at the Sugar Bay House

Pool at the Sugar Bay House

After a lot of debate and countless hours spent perusing the internet for a villa we found one that is available for the week before our wedding. Sugar Bay House is in Columbus Landing on St. Croix and it is awesome! We booked it through and got a discount through our wedding planner.

A couple of weeks ago we attempted to book the Sea Glass Villa, but the morning we made the reservation, we got a call from the realtor saying that someone had booked the villa a few hours earlier than us. Ouch!!! After that disappointment I wasn’t sure any villa would measure up.

Choosing between a villa, hotel, or condo was an interesting process. Did we want the privacy of our own place where we could BBQ or swim anytime we wanted? Did we want to be close to town and our other wedding guests? Did we want a combination of all of those?

When it came down to it, Travis really preferred the idea of a villa. I had a harder time with the decision, but after the Tuesday convo with the wedding planner,  I realized that having a villa gives us the opportunity to host drinks or a BBQ and the chance to escape from it all when we need to. And this villa sure as heck beats the pants off Sea Glass (ok Sea Glass would have been awesome too, no offense Sea Glass).

If you are coming to our wedding and are interested in renting a villa give Cindy, our wedding planner, a shout. She will hook you up with great recommendations for a villa or condo. And if you go through her you get the discount too! You can find her contact info here.

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One thought on “St. Croix Villa – Sugar Bay House

  1. Alexia says:

    OMG – Jenny! Your villa looks amazing! It will be perfect for all of those things you listed! Well done!

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