First Official Wedding Planner Call

palmtreeOMG – had a great conversation with Cindy, my wedding planner, and Alli, her assistant, yesterday. It really stoked a fire under me and got me excited again about the wedding planning process.

I’m not going to lie there have been some really stressful and frustrating moments. Between resistance from my parents on the concept of a destination wedding, money discussions, and adjusting to the whole idea that I am going to be somebody’s wife (ok not just somebody’s, I’m marrying the magnificence that is Travis) things have been a little stressful. When I first got engaged, my friend Erin gave me this piece of advice, “Don’t let anyone take the joy you feel away.”

That proved to be harder than I had imagined as I basked in the newly engaged glow. There have been several moments where I’ve had to step away from the process and remind myself that this is about our marriage and really has nothing to do with anyone, anything, or anyplace except us and the miracle that we have found one another.

Ok – enough of the drama and onto the fun!

Highlights of the call included the normal wedding stuff – cakes, flowers, music, reception sites. The beauty of the destination wedding is that we also got to talk about awesome things like group excursions. There are so many fun things Travis and I are hoping to plan for the week of our wedding. Stay tuned for details.

This week’s wedding tasks include figuring out our villa situation and revisiting the budget. I’m also putting together my likes and dislikes for the wedding planner. So much fun!

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One thought on “First Official Wedding Planner Call

  1. […] Travis really preferred the idea of a villa. I had a harder time with the decision, but after the Tuesday convo with the wedding planner,  I realized that having a villa gives us the opportunity to host drinks […]

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