Oh Color Scheme, how you have perplexed me…

My favorite color is red. To be exact my favorite color is Pomegranate by Ralph Lauren, the color of my dining room. It makes me happy. It’s romantic, bold, strong and vibrant.

Unfortunately, as I started thinking about our wedding color scheme, I couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate red. I take that back – I didn’t want to use red. I know what you are thinking, “How dare she turn her back on her favorite color?”

It just didn’t seem fitting for the Caribbean. And lately, I’ve been feeling a little less loyal to red and have found myself drawn to green – chartreuse, apple, avocado – any bright, beautiful shade of green.

So I scanned the wedding magazines and found a palette that I liked – avocado, mango and khaki. But then I started to like navy because I thought it may bring that sophisticated, island elegant theme I’m going for.

That started me in a tailspin until I remembered Kuler. A beta site by Adobe, Kuler is an awesome tool for developing color palettes. I’ve used it before for work and it was kind of one of those, Should have had a V8 moments. Can you picture me bonking myself on the head? Because I did.

I’ve been messing around with Kuler for quite some time now and finally developed a color palette that I really love.

Developed on Kuler - St. Croix Wedding theme

Developed on Kuler - St. Croix Wedding theme

I’m still messing around with the green (it’s displaying a little more olive than chartreuse), but I think it combines all the colors that really spoke to me. Plus, it isn’t overly girly, which was Travis’s request.

Anyway, let me know what you think – I’m still tweaking it here and there.

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4 thoughts on “Oh Color Scheme, how you have perplexed me…

  1. Annie says:

    You’re spot on with the navy; elegant and also complements the ocean! I’d love to see a swatch of the Ralph Lauren pomegranate. Where can I find a swatch?

  2. jdurnan says:

    Hi Annie! Here is a link to the Ralph Lauren Home website – http://www.ralphlaurenhome.com/rlhome/products/paint/items.asp?haid=121

    Apparently, Pomegranate is part of the Vintage Masters Collection (I’m so hoity toity). On the site the color is displaying much darker than it actually is. It isn’t a brick color – actually much more feminine than that. For a true representation I think you and Chris will have to come over for Scrabble!

  3. Alexia says:

    I love these colors! I think it’s going to suit the Durtty’s and the location quiet nicely! I’m happy to wear any of these!

  4. sally says:

    I really like these colors!!!! They are so….fresh and airy! I need to call you soon and get all caught up. Took a look at the villa website – awesome! I can just feel the relaxation and joy this wedding is going to bring you (and all the rest of us!) – contradiction, I know…relaxation and wedding, but I will try my hardest to make it true.

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