Friday WW Weigh In

Stayed steady. That’s ok. Not a gain and after a week of not tracking, having Sonic and a Del Taco feast for dinner last night I’m thankful.

Here’s a cycle that I’m trying not to repeat. Often, when my thyroid meds get readjusted I start to feel really good. So good that I think I can eat whatever I want because my new metabolism is going to be so great. In reality my new metabolism just happens to be my normal metabolism, which means I have to stay on top of it like any normal person.

There was a sign on the wall today at WW that said, “Feedback, not failure.” I like that. I’m learning that failure is part of this process and not a testament to your future success. I’m not saying that I failed this week. What I’m trying to convey is that every week I’m learning a little lesson about myself. This week I’ve learned that I can’t have Chinese, Thai, ice cream, and Del Taco and expect the number on the scale to decrease. Even if I feel hopped up on Thyroid meds. Ok, that was a joke. I don’t really feel “hopped up.” So Mom if you’re reading this put the phone book down – rehab is not necessary.

Total weight loss – 2.6 lbs.

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