The Latest in Wedding World

Short post to keep everyone updated on the wedding plans. We have officially signed the contract and hired the wedding planner. I’m excited to start the process with her and hear her recommendations.

We also found out that American Airlines offers discount codes to big groups of people so we applied and received a special discount code for folks who will be traveling to the wedding. I have to give them credit – they were so speedy with getting us the code, even though we are so far out.

I’ve been working away on our wedding website. I went back and forth thinking I was going to do something really fancy in Flash or Joomla, but instead found a customizable WordPress template that I am playing with. When it came down to it, creating a really fancy site was going to be a lot of work, and with as busy as I have been it just didn’t make sense. Props to Stephan, the official bridesman, for pulling me back down to earth on that one.

Looking forward to a nice weekend of Friday night skiing with the fiance and some friends,  a Saturday night of movies, pizza and beer with the Twilight club, and a nice relaxing Sunday to myself.

WW update tomorrow – I’m feeling pretty good about it this week!

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