What I love & hate about Weight Watchers

Friday Weigh in – Down 1 lb. Total weight loss = 2.6 lbs.

If you read Thursday’s post you know that I am hoping to make this something a little more regular. I have no problem with dropping these l-b-s one at a time, but there seems to something incredibly motivating with losing consistently. I suppose that’s why WW calls their new program Momentum.

On to today’s topic – the ups and downs of WW. First, I want  to say that I truly believe that WW is the best, healthiest commercial weight loss program out there. I think it provides people with a lot of knowledge about all facets of weight loss. The materials are fantastic and the program feels personalized.

Now on to my gripe of the day – the meetings. I don’t mind going to the meetings. I find them inspirational and the topics are always a little jolt of inspiration that get me starting my weekends off right. I also like my new WW friends. They are one more reason to make it to the meetings and my new friend who lost 85 lbs. is really helpful.

What I don’t like:

Obviously, this is a room full of people, who for whatever reason, are challenged when it comes to losing weight. Obviously, each of these people have their individual problems, motivation and concerns.

Here’s the not so obvious – After attending the Weight Management program at Renown I have realized the flaw of the WW program – pressure.

After all, at each meeting everyone reports how much weight they lost that week. We quickly applaud the people who have lost tons of weight, but for those of us – me included – who lose at a snail’s pace, you get a quick round of applause that is less than enthusiastic.

Do I wish that I could be one of those people who loses 10 lbs. in a week? Of course.

Basically, to keep this post short, here’s what I think – the focus of WW is too much on the number on the scale and not as much about losing in a healthy way and keeping the weight off for life. The biggest lesson I learned from Heidi at the Weight Management course was that this process is really about more than just losing weight. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, having and meeting goals, and living a life that makes you proud.

I’ll keep going to the WW meetings because I do believe they keep me motivated and accountable, but in the back of my mind I will know that this is not the only way or the right way to lose weight. I will know that the people I am sharing this experience with may be at a different place in their own personal journey. I will try and remember that this is about a lot more than just a number on a scale and how much praise I get from a group of strangers.

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