Skinny Scoopers

Love, Love, Lovity Love this site!

Love, Love, Lovity Love this site!

At one of my WW meetings, the leader, Jani. J., told us about two local WW members who recently started a great Web Site dedicated to living healthy. Skinny Scoopers is full of great tips, fun celebrity gossip and weight loss success stories.

Being a girl web geek myself I find this extra cool and love the supportive, healthy environment they are creating.

Check out their site and sign up for their e-newsletter. I love opening my inbox and finding an email from them. It’s a little jolt of inspiration.

Oh and they do a great job of fashion trend watching. So far, my favorite has been the Naughty Monkey article. But those of you who know me, know that I love shoes. Ok, so maybe love isn’t strong enough of an adjective. Maybe adore, obsess, collect would be better terms.

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One thought on “Skinny Scoopers

  1. Chris & Lisa says:


    We Love, Love, LOVITY Love you back! Thanks so much for spreading the word about Skinny Scoopers. Your blog is VERY entertaining… what a clever writer you are. “The day I met him…” is just crazy-cute! American Airlines Baggage… Dating Stupid is exhausting… funny stuff! Your WW musings are SPOT-ON too.

    We’ll be following you TOO fellow girl web geek!

    Chris & Lisa

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