Lapse, Relapse, Collapse

Today at my WW meeting the leader chose a topic that was especially relevant to me this week. See, I was considering not going to my meeting today because I was certain that I had gained weight. I thought, what’s the point in paying $12 just to find out that I’ve gained weight? My own bathroom scale can tell me that for free!

The leader began by asking us what a “lapse” meant to us. Some people answered going crazy with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, going back for seconds, or just eating too much of something. The she asked us to define what a “relapse” would be. Most of us agreed that relapsing means doing the same behavior over and over again.

So what did collapsing mean?

Avoid the Collapse

Avoid the Collapse

The room was quiet for a few seconds and then someone said, “Skipping a meeting.” Insert lightbulb, a-ha moment, oh-I-get-it right here.

I really started to get it. The leader doesn’t care if I’ve gained weight. The other members have all gained weight at one point or another. No one is judging. It doesn’t matter if it takes me months to get to a place where I consistently lose weight. What’s important is getting to that place and learning the lessons as I make progress, which will without a doubt contain lapses and relapses. It is the complete collapse that I want to avoid.

The leader went on to share her experiences with us and how important it is to understand that this is a lifetime commitment. If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, then you have to understand that it will take a lifetime of being diligent and staying motivated even when it is hard to stay positive.

I  needed this little shot of motivation. And I didn’t gain. Can you believe it? I almost didn’t go to the meeting because I was positive that I had gained, but I didn’t. I lost .2. Not a lot, but a loss nonetheless! That puts my total loss at 1.6 lbs. And I’ve readjusted my St. Patrick’s Day goal so now I’m hoping to lose 2 more lbs.

At the end of the meeting I was talking to one of the women that I usually sit with and she has been a member since 1996! She’s lost over 85 lbs. and is back at meetings because she saw the number on the scale rising and now wants to lose about 15 lbs. She was so inspirational to me and I shared my goal of wanting to lose about 15 lbs. before shopping for my wedding gown. She was so excited and said, “Well, I will see you here every Friday morning and don’t forget that every pound counts!”

Look at me, making friends at WW. I’m a regular old social butterfly.

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