Location, Location, Location

So if you read my post about hiring a wedding planner and were one of the folks that clicked through to the planner’s site, then you already know what I’m about to announce. So act surprised for me. Come on throw me a bone.

Wedding in paradise!

Wedding in paradise!

ST. CROIX, U.S.V.I!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, we’re doing the destination wedding thing and we’re going to head to my birthplace and Travis’s dream locale.

Why St. Croix you ask? For so many reasons.

1) Neither Travis or I have a hometown. We have nomadic parents and families spread all over the world.

2) We want a small wedding. More affordable. More intimate. More our style.

3) We want adventure and we want to share the adventure with the people closest to us!

4) We’re going to get married in the same church that I was baptized in (pending we get our pre-marital counseling requirements fulfilled in time to book the church, fingers crossed). This will be one of those crazy, full circle life moments.

5) We want to celebrate for more than just a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. I want memories that will last a lifetime.

6) We want a vacation!

Many details to come about St. Croix, but I’m excited to let the cat out of the bag and to share this unique planning process with you!

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