Note to self and Friday Weight Watchers Weigh In

Note to self – red velvet cake, beer, food created by the Kintop sisters and champagne cocktails are not cohesive with weight loss.  And not working out or being active makes you feel like crap so get off your butt already!

Duh – right?

She kicks my butt and I like it!

She kicks my butt and I like it!

Well, needless to say at my weigh in today I was up. Yep, gained or so the scale said. Does the scale lie? Yes, I think so. But whatever. Today begins a new week of weight watchers tracking. I’ve got my Jillian Michaels work out DVDs and will be making a trip to buy some new hand weights tonight so I’m prepared up for an effective and successful week of weight loss so I can have some exciting news to report next week!

In other news we are really beginning to plan the big day and will have new details coming in the next few weeks. I’m not going to lie – this wedding planning stuff is intense and stressful. Think about it – weddings combine family, money, religion, etc. With a mix like that how could stress not be a factor?

It is also a lot of fun. There are so many creative things to think about and I love doing all this research! Plus, I still can’t get over how lucky I am to have found Travis. He’s a good man and I look forward to all of the adventures that we will have together.

Weight Loss Update
Pounds till Goal #1 – 7
Total Weight Loss – was up 2.4 lbs. this week – ouch!


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