Engagement Party at Buckbean Brewery

Well, on Saturday we celebrated our engagement at Buckbean Brewery. We had such a great time and want to thank everyone who made it to the party (and those who were thinking about us, but couldn’t make it).

Click here to see a slideshow of our engagement party.

Click here to see a slide show of our engagement party.

Click on our photo to watch a slide show from the party. The photos are courtesy of my future sister-in-law Bandara.

My favorite beer at Buckbean is the Orange Blossom while Travis prefers the flavor of Buckbean’s dark beer, the Black Noddy. But I digress…hmmm, beer.

We decided instead of doing a traditional guest book to provide pieces of paper where our guests could give us marriage or wedding advice.

Here are some examples of the great advice that people provided:

“Be quick to forgive and slow to hold a grudge. And always give each other the benefit of the doubt.”  – Dave & Stacy

“Travis always listen to everything Jenny says. I am sure she is always right!” – Amanda (this could be my favorite one!)

“Best advice – don’t get caught up in being “right.” Arguments last too long when you do. Be true to yourselves – that way you’ll fall in love with each other every day.” –  Alison

“As you plan – dream about your beautiful new life together. Be everything to one another! Let your love shine! God Bless!!” – Father George

The party was absolutely fantastic and we both feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives.

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