Friday Weight Watchers Weigh In

A whole stick of butter ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen?). That’s right one whole pound! Maybe some of you will think that I am crazy for celebrating every ittsy, bittsy weight loss, but for me a big part of this goal is staying enthusiastic and breaking my larger goals into little chunks.

I’m not necessarily a patient person, so understanding that lasting weight loss will take time is tough for me.  But think about this: if you were to lose a pound a week for an entire year that’s 52 lbs. What?!! 52 lbs.!

That’s a second grader, a bag of dog food from Costco, a bag of sand or concrete, 6 gallons of water, 2 bags of potatoes, an almost full keg of beer. Ok so you get the point!

The beauty of this weight loss goal is that it is something that will live beyond our wedding day and will set me up for better health in the future.

Well, I’ve got to keep it short and sweet. Our engagement party is tomorrow and there is lots to do in preparation. Ciao!

Pounds till Goal #1 – 6
Total Weight Loss – 1.2 lbs.


One thought on “Friday Weight Watchers Weigh In

  1. Page says:

    Congrats Jenny!!!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!!

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