Cutest Cupcakes

cupcake11I came across these cupcake wrappers the other day and think they are the most beautiful cupcake accessory I’ve ever seen (and the cupcakes don’t look bad either!).

cupcake2A lot of couples are opting to serve cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake because of the price and the ease of serving.

But as you can see these ain’t your grandma’s cupcakes. Cupcakes are no longer something you make for your child’s birthday. No, actually cupcakes have become little pieces of cake artwork with intricate toppers like beads, fondant monograms, etc. Even little old Reno has a new cupcake shop – Batch Cupcakery. I have yet to make it down to Batch (plus that whole Weight Watchers thing), but when I do I’ll let you know. Their cupcakes look amazing.

cupcake3These cupcake wrappers are so intricate and beautiful, they really make the cupcakes shine! Although they are a little pricey, at about $1 a wrapper, they really help to dress up what could be just your everyday, beautiful cupcake.

cupcake4I found these on Estilo Weddings, a fantastic site with funky wedding items and heaps of great ideas.

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