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The day I met him…

was a turning point in my life.

I had been in a bad relationship and when I say bad what I really mean is no-good, cheating with a waitress from Chilli’s bad, lying scumbag bad.  A liar and an all around not-so-great guy who broke my heart and helped me get into a very, very bad emotional place. Plus, The Ex was really, really stupid. And dating stupid is exhausting.

When I moved to Australia, with as much as I had going for me, it was a very difficult time. I hit my quarter life crisis with enough baggage to make American Airlines jealous. It was tough, but I got through it, got some help and figured myself out. Realizing during this process that one relationship didn’t define  me. I let the hurt go and finally knew that I deserved to be loved and I deserved to have a man in my life that respected me.

Fast forward December 2006.
I’m back home. I’ve got an amazing new job. I buy a house. I buy a car. And I’ve done it all-by-myself.

I love the time I get to spend by myself, but all my friends are coupled up, which makes socializing extra fun as I’m the fifth wheel at every occasion. I see my friends in drama free, healthy relationships. I think I might be ready to try my luck at dating again.

One problem – as much as I think my new job is going to send me into the arms of a young doctor, I find that I work in an office with almost all chicks. And I meet a few of the doctors. I find out they’re not my type to the disappointment of my mother.

I decide to try the world of online dating. I don’t tell many people because I can’t get over the creepiness of it. Including my family, who, to this day, think Travis and I met “through friends.” Well, I guess they will know now 😉

Cupid brought us together

Cupid brought us together

I sign up on for 3 months. In that three months I go out on dates with guys that have no manners, who had questionable IQs and I actually have a conversation with a guy who wants to give me the rules for dating him. Ummm, no thanks.

February 2007
I start thinking that maybe I don’t need to be dating. I figure I will wait until the end of the three months and call it good. Then I get an email from Travis, short and sweet, he thinks we have some things in common. We begin emailing each other and the next week we have our first date at Sushi Moto. BTW – that would be this week two years ago!

It is an easy date. He’s funny and easy to talk to. He also looks exactly the way he described himself on his cupid profile – those of you who have dated online will know what a relief this is. He has manners! We compare notes on the crazy people we have met through online dating. We have a good time, watch a bad movie at my house, and at the end of the date he tells me he is going to call me tomorrow and asks, would I like to have dinner with him again?

The Next Day
I call my friend Heather and tell her that I’ve found an import (a.k.a. a guy that isn’t from Reno).

It gets better – he makes me dinner, gives me flowers and the enchiladas that he makes knock my socks off. I think he used about 6 pounds of cheese (the true key to my heart).

We continue to see each other a couple of times a week. I’m guarded because I don’t want to get hurt again and am trying to convince myself that this wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t work. Finally, my friend Laurie asks, “So what’s wrong with him Jenny?” I’ve got nothing. Damn. She’s right.

March 2007
My mom comes to visit and Travis comes to dinner with us. He is so kind and genuine with her I start to realize that this is a guy who is something special.

April 2007

My savior when Travis went out of town

My savior when Travis went out of town

Travis goes to Colorado for a week to visit his family. I think I’m going to die and drown my sorrows in John Legend CD’s. I realize that I’ve got it and I’ve got it bad. I count the hours until his return. It couldn’t have taken any longer.

May 2007
We go camping for the first time. It is a really fun trip and we exchange our first “I love you’s” while cramped inside Travis’s two man tent with the dog. FYI – Travis and I are not the size of people that two man tents were designed for.

June 2007
Things are getting serious. We start talking about sharing space. His stuff starts to move into my house little by little.

July 2007
I freak out. Maybe this cohabitation thing isn’t a good idea? Maybe my whole life is about to change? I like my life.

5 minutes later and a conversation with Travis
I realize this is what I want and the reason I love my life so much is that Travis is in it. And I want him in it a lot more.

September 2007
We officially cohabitate. It takes some adjusting, but we figure out the annoying things about each other. Like I suck at laundry (and cleaning in general) and he has an affinity for leaving water bottles everywhere (and I do mean everywhere!).

The rest of 2007
We spend our first Christmas together at my parent’s place in Utah. It is a magical Christmas. We ski, we eat, we’re merry.

February 2008

Our first vacation - Caribbean 2008

Our first vacation - Caribbean 2008

We take our first vacation together to the Caribbean. A week of sailing through the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and I start to know that this is the real deal. It is the best vacation I’ve ever had. I know that this guy likes adventures as much as I do and I crave more adventures with him. Besides one small hiccup in customs where I tried to convince Travis to smuggle sea shells, the trip is perfect. And yes, I know that smuggling agricultural products like sea shells is illegal and I also know that it isn’t nice to force someone to smuggle anything.


Travis hiking in the rain

Travis hiking in the rain

We had a great year together and it became more apparent that we were in this for the long haul. It became harder and harder to imagine ever being with anyone else or that anything that came before him mattered. And I started to feel like I wanted a family and I wanted it with Travis. We took a Halloween/Nevada Day trip to Shinneyboo Creek, another great adventure and very romantic!

After a more challenging Christmas trip than the 2007 trip (the families met one another, I became more certain that a supply of Xanax will be needed for future family visits), we came home to decompress from the trip. I have to say that one of my favorite memories comes from this time. We were both wiped out and after spending a few hours skiing we came home, got in bed, watched TV and ate Captain Crunch (the kind with Crunch Berries, of course) for the rest of the day. It felt like home. Our home.

January 3, 2009

The ring!

The ring!

Travis surprised me and proposed. You can read our engagement story here.

So that’s it in a rather large nutshell. This is our story. This is us.

What made me decide to go on this crazy diatribe? Last weekend Travis and I went and saw He’s Just Not That Into You and I left the movie theater with a sense of gratitude for the journey that brought me to him.

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Friday Weigh In

Down 1.4! So about 4 weeks in and I’m still pretty much breaking even when it comes to losing weight. This would have been the point in the past where I would have thrown in the towel, but not this time baby.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

The idea of wedding dress shopping has to be the best motivation in the world. Enough motivation to keep me attending weekly meetings, counting my points and getting up at 6 a.m. to have my ass kicked by Jillian Michaels. Yep, that idea of slipping into a gorgeous gown and playing model as my friends and family sign off on the dress of my dreams is worth sticking out this weight loss game.

In my other nutrition class we talk about how sometimes it can take months for your body to trust you. When we yo-yo diet or don’t eat consistently our bodies go into famine mode. Since my ancestors were Irish I’m fairly certain that I have some sort of extra gene that tells my body, “You hold onto that fat! Don’t let it go!!!”

When we start eating correctly (fruits and veggies, lean proteins, whole grains, small meals and snacks frequently) our bodies adjust to the idea that we are not starving to death and start to let go of the fat.

I think after a holiday season of overindulgence and a schedule that has been anything but normal, my body is finally getting back on the band wagon.

I still have 7 pounds to go until I reach my first goal, but I know that I will get there if I stay the course. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t feel defeated by this sometimes, but really what choice do I have?

So here’s to another week of eating filling foods, working out and staying positive because Lord knows I want to go dress shopping!

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Holy Hollywood Wedding Cinematography

So the other day I was over here and came across this video. Wow! That’s all I have to say about that. Talk about some serious Hollywood glamour.

The style is called Impressionistic Cinematography and you can check it out over here on the Portal Films site. These videos are ridiculously beautiful…

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Wedding Bee

Fantastic wedding blogging site

Fantastic wedding blogging site

I found a fantastic wedding blogging site where women, both soon-to-be brides and post-wedding brides,  from around the country gather. There are so many fun, amusing posts on They range from DIY projects to etiquette and  post-wedding marriage advice.

I could literally spend hours following these posts as all of them are creative and witty. I love seeing everyone’s different perspectives and experiences. There is such an air of excitement on the site!

Before I forget again – a BIG congratulations to my cousin Emma and her fiance Joshua! They got engaged this past weekend and I am so excited for her! This is a great time for the Durnan family.

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Sun Celebrations!

Sun Celebrations!

Today we hired a wedding planner. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this! Her name is Cindy and she is the owner of Sun Celebrations. So I guess this kind of gives away the location, but what the heck!

I am really looking forward to having Cindy help us plan the wedding and can’t wait to hear all of her advice.

I was on the fence about hiring someone to help us with the wedding. Some of my friends here in Reno have had some not-so-good experiences with wedding planners, but I think when it comes to planning a destination wedding there is no way to do it on your own. Plus the thought of spending the week before our wedding running around like crazy instead of soaking up the sun and enjoying some rum (or lots!) does not sound too good.

I’ve only had a few conversations with Cindy, but already she has provided such awesome advice.

I can’t wait to share more details as we plan, plan, plan!

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