Bridal Boot Camp

My motivation!

My motivation!

I’ve made a vow to myself that I won’t go gown shopping until I’ve lost 15 lbs. Losing weight has been a goal of mine for quite some time and now it seems I have some real motivation and an actual time frame (18 months!). Plus, the thyroid meds are finally figured out so losing weight is actually an option, which makes me elated.

There are so many options when it comes to losing weight, but I dragged my butt out of bed this morning and back to Weight Watchers because I truly believe in their philosophy and structure. This will be the 4th time I try Weight Watchers. You know the funny part? Every time I’ve done it I’ve been successful, but about a month in something comes up and I end up quitting. I’m also seeing a nutritionist and she always says, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” So with that mantra in my head I press on towards weight loss victory!

It is my solemn vow that I will stick with Weight Watchers this go around even if I get sick, even if the leader and other members are super annoying and even if I miss a week.

And as if Weight Watchers wasn’t enough I am also doing a program at Renown through Health Management Services. It is an 8 week program that my nutritionist teaches and is more of an educational program that covers how to lose weight and keep it off successfully. Like Weight Watchers, but free!

So here’s a quick list of why I’m doing this (a.k.a my motivation):

  • to look HOT in my wedding dress
  • to wear a bikini (especially since we are  considering having a destination wedding)
  • to have more self confidence
  • to enjoy clothes shopping (ok so I enjoy it now, but to really, really enjoy clothes shopping!)
  • to be healthy (probably the most important)

I hope whoever out there reading this will hold me accountable. Don’t let me fall off the wagon 😉 Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Bridal Boot Camp

  1. Alexia says:

    That dress is amazing! You would look fabulous in that! I am committed to helping to keep you motivated if you will help to keep me motivated. Perhaps there can be a little bride.bridesmaid motivation pool. . . ? Dresses, bikinis, shorts, sundresses – all part of your upcoming celebration and we want to look lovely in honor of you looking so lovely!

    • jdurnan says:

      Oh yes – I think it would be a great idea for all of us to keep each other motivated. I didn’t even think about shorts and sundresses! Lets brainstorm how to keep each other going. My next goal is 7 lbs. by St. Patty’s Day! That’s 7 weeks away – no corn beef this year, but maybe lots and lots of cabbage.

  2. […] have some beautiful gowns (and some not-so-beautiful), but as you know from my previous post Bridal Boot Camp, I’m not to the trying on stage just yet. Pair the diet plan with aggressive salespeople and […]

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