Introducing The Durtty Bridesmaids

No one ever told me choosing a bridal party would be so hard. I guess it’s times like this in your life that you realize how blessed you’ve been to have such great friends.

I’ve chosen friends from my past and present and my future sister-in-laws. Because I have no sisters and James would look silly in  a dress (although he does have better legs than me) there isn’t going to be a Maid of Honor. I like the idea of an egalitarian bridal party. No head honcho bridesmaid. Stick it to the man. Ok ok, I know sometimes I take things too far…

So here they are – all of them fabulous, beautiful and smart:


The fabulous Alexia

The fabulous Alexia

Once at work, one of my colleagues said to me, “Do you hang out with Alexia outside of work?”

“Yes, sometimes,” I answered.

“She is really poised,” said the woman.  “You should hang out with her more.”

So I did and I love her like a sister. She’s an amazing woman – brilliant, witty, hilarious, stylish, cosmopolitan and oh-so-poised (sorry Lex couldn’t help it). She’s the Carrie to my Charlotte. The nilla to my wafer. Ok, ok I’ll stop.




Travis’s little sister and my future sister-in-law will be the junior Bridesmaid. Bandara has a great, enthusiastic spirit and has already offered her wedding planning skills. And although she’s too young to partake in the Bachelorette Party I know she will be a big help in getting ready for the big day.

She has a bright future in front of her and I’m so excited that I will get to watch her grow into a young woman.


Heather - she's going to be a lawyaa.

Heather - she's going to be a lawyaa.

I met Heather at the Reynolds School of Journalism while we were both pursuing Journalism degrees. We became fast friends and bonded while getting in trouble in Rosemary McCarthy’s Intro to Journalism class.

When I hang out with Heather adventures come easily. She is a crazy gal. Ask me sometime about our trip to San Francisco with Ad Club during college.

No matter what, Heather is the kind of friend who is there for you at 3 in the morning. She’s loyal, beautiful, sophisticated, and kind. Oh and honest – really, really honest.


Rachel - one of my besties!

Rachel - one of my besties!

I’ve known Rachel since I was eight. Eight! That’s 18 years of friendship!

I think of Rachel as my moral compass. Instead of WWJD I think WWRD? She’s a great friend and has been there for me through good times and bad, joy and sorrow, laughter and tears.

It’s a beautiful thing when you’ve known someone long enough to let them see your flaws and they love you anyway. I’m so thankful to have Rachel as a friend and in my book 18 years qualifies as family.

She is awesome and since she’s already married I guess that makes her a matron, but that’s a horrible word and there is no place for it on my blog 😉


Sally - she's a scientist!

Sally - she's a scientist!

If I’m writing about Rachel, I have to write about Sally since our stories are so closely intertwined. I met Sally in third grade in Ms. Handt’s class. I was brand new to Nevada, fresh from Winter Springs, Florida and terrified of starting at a new school. Sally and Rachel were the coolest, smartest girls in my third grade class.

Soon we were playground friends and we navigated our way together through adolescence and into adulthood.

Sally is one of those friends that I can pick back up with like there has been no time or space between chats. We shared our dreams as children, left tear filled messages for each other during college, and now I’ve asked her to stand with me as one piece of my life comes full circle.

There is something special about old friends and I’m so lucky to have a woman like Sally as a bridesmaid.

P.S. She’s a scientist – how cool is that!


My Elle Woods!

My Elle Woods!

Have you seen Legally Blonde? Well, let me introduce you to Elle Woods clone. Sarah is a bubbly, beautiful, funny, genuine friend.

We met at Renown. She was a sorority girl (ewwww), uber fashionable, beautiful, and smart. I really wanted to hate her. But I just couldn’t. We had more in common than I had imagined – growing up in a rural place, an obsession with shoes, and learning  how to navigate the corporate world.

When she got married last summer, I named myself an Honorary Bridesmaid. I so look forward to her guidance and understanding as Travis and I plan our wedding.

I guess technically Sarah would be a matron too. I need to think of a better word than matron. Suggestions?


Sylvia - the life of the party!

Sylvia - the life of the party!

Sylvia is Travis’s older younger sister. It is nerve racking when you meet your boyfriend’s family for the first time, but Sylvia made me feel right at home. We bonded easily as we are the social butterflies of our families. She is hilarious, stylish, and so much fun! I couldn’t have asked for better future sister-in-laws. I look forward to getting to know Sylvia and Bandara better.

So in a nutshell that’s the Durtty Bridal Party. I am so excited to share this experience with these wonderful women!

ADDENDUM: Stephan is officially the Brides Man. His duties include all German translation needs, web advisor for and choosing the shoes (fun fact – has great taste in footwear!).


4 thoughts on “Introducing The Durtty Bridesmaids

  1. Stephan says:

    I am so righteously pissed that you didn’t ask me to be a bridesmaid. I have fantastic legs and white shows of my Germanic skin ever so well. No problem- but I’m showing up in my Borat man-thong to your wedding.

  2. sally says:

    Can I just say, I love reading your blog. You know yourself, and you inspire me to get to know myself better. I wish I were there to ward off the bridal sales clerks, look at wedding magazines (really wish I could do that!), and investigate cupcakes with you.

  3. jdurnan says:

    Thanks Sally! I know you can’t be here to ward off the crazy salespeople, but I appreciate your enthusiasm so much and know you will be there to help me in so many other ways!

  4. Laura Denwood says:

    Love your china, saw it in Freeport when we were there on the way back to St Croix, it has such a peaceful, elegant feel. Enjoyed reading about the bridesmaids–I think matron and spinster should be purged from the language! They already are in common use. NEED NUMBERS FOR REHEARSAL DINNER!!!!

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