Much of my free time lately has been spent perusing So far I’ve found this to be the best wedding website and magazine (and thanks to bridesmaid Sarah I have  a surplus of wedding magazines so I now consider myself an expert).

Last night I was on the site and came across a few articles that I found especially helpful. I had never realized how getting engaged throws you into a vortex of questions and wedding planning faster than you can say, “I’m engaged.” For instance, the first thing people want to know is where and when. Then come the questions like, “Where are you going to register?, What colors do you like?, Have you thought about flowers?”

It gets a little overwhelming very quickly and when you have no answers to any of the above questions you do two things: 1) Reach out to everyone you know who has ever gotten married to find out what they did and 2) go online.

So a big thank you to for these articles:

9 Things You Need to do First

Top 10 Pre-Wedding Fights (and How to Avoid Them)

And no, I don’t have a date, location, color scheme, venue, or flower preference, but when I do The Durtty Bride readers will be the first to know!


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