My Fiance

So who is this Travis Petty?

He’s the best thing since oreo cookies. Or as my dad would say, “The best thing since the twist off beer cap.”

It would be hard to explain in a blog all the reasons I love him. I don’t mean this to be  super sappy,  but I thought I would introduce the man I’m going to marry to my readers who may not know him very well.

Travis on our trip to Shinneyboo Creek

Travis on our trip to Shinneyboo Creek

Travis comes from a nomadic family like me. He’s lived all over the west (mostly NV, UT and CO).

Here’s a short list of why he is so special:

  • his sense of adventure
  • his honesty, integrity and patience
  • he’s super smart!
  • his sense of humor
  • his acceptance of my crazy animals
  • he can cook!
  • he can clean!
  • he is kind
  • he can handle my family
  • he makes my dreams come true
  • he reads!
  • he likes to travel and see new things
  • he is nice to his mom and sisters
  • he is handy – have you seen our mantle?
  • oh and he’s hot!

So that is kind of a broad list, but everything I ever wanted (but maybe didn’t always know it) in a partner.

He will probably have his own blog soon and when he does I’ll link to it from here.


One thought on “My Fiance

  1. Bandara says:

    aww how sweet 🙂 i cant wait for the wedding! i love you guys!
    love me-bandara :))

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